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All readings are currently only being done over the phone, email or skype. I am also making house calls!

Different types of Readings

Virtual Palm Reading

Virtual Palm Reading


An email palm reading tells you about your personality make up, what you are focused on in your ever changing life currently, and can give you insight to help you reach your fullest potential. The reading can take place over the phone and via skype if requested.

Online readings happen via email or skype or both.

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The lines on your palm change roughly every six months, as your life changes and you change. A palm reading can enlighten you with a fresh point of view, an approach that starts from the map of your mind (your palm)! I offer a full reading plus an oracle card reading for those who seek additional insight into a specific question or area of their life/palm from the deck Creatures of the Moon by Rebecca Schoenecker (click to find a full description on this truly amazing artist and her deck).

You will receive with your reading a PDF file including the following:

  • A description and thorough explanation of your lines, mounts, timelines and textures/colors

  • Guidance that is geared towards your perfectly unique and structured strong suits in lines and mounts

  • A picture and full description of your Oracle card & how it pertains to you


  • Email readings are only completed with sending me an acceptable photo or scan quality! Please let your hand be legible to me as the reader and if a scanner is available to you please scan it in!

  • Allow 48 hours for your reading to be sent back to you as I have scheduled readings during the week and weekend that fluctuate my available hours.

  • If you would like to schedule a phone or skype reading along with the email please contact me directly at

Examples of acceptable photos are below. If you do not have a scanner and must use your phone I suggest sending two pictures (one of your full hand and fingers in the composition and one of your lines close up).

Here are examples of unacceptable photographs